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Faceted Search Results Page - How to include Custom actions in the 'Actions' menu for a row

Question asked by rmahajan on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by ddraper

In the faceted search results page when you click on the “Actions” menu for a row, it asynchronously gets the list of allowed actions. It looks like there is a filter defined in AlfSearchResult.js that restricts the allowed actions to actions currently supported by the Aikau action service.

We would like to include custom actions in this list of allowed actions. What is the recommended approach to include custom actions under the "Actions" menu for each row in the faceted search result list?

I have gone through the faceted-search.get.js, AlfSearchResult.js, Action.js, _ActionsMixin.js, XhrActions.js, _XhrActionsMixin.js and ActionService.js files but it is not clear to me what's the best way to include custom actions under the "Actions" menu. Do we need to override some of these standard files?

Our custom actions work on document-details and documentlibrary pages but they are not included under the Actions menu in the faceted search results page.

Thanks for your help.