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JS Newbie needs help with

Question asked by ddelapasse on May 12, 2015
I'm in WAY over my head here.  Trying to modify an add-on to meet my needs and it seems easy enough.  Trying to save the user-entered data from a section on form1 and initialize a similar section on form2 with it.

To create a form the code does:
  var formHtmlId = + "-metadata-form";
  var formNode = YAHOO.util.Dom.get(formHtmlId);
  formNode.innerHTML = buildForm();   <—- after the first form, I want to re-use the prior forms innerHTML section.

What I want is to find that same innerHTML from formNode AFTER the submit button is pressed. 

The post-submit code uses:
  if (this.formUi.formsRuntime.validate()) {
     // want to get that innerHTML here and save it off.
Can I somehow dig the form out of formUI.formsRuntime?