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inventory tracking system

Question asked by desci on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by jpotts

I am a  brand new user with Alfresco. Actually i 've been starting my journey with Alfresco since yesterday . I am looking for a tool to easily roll out a kind of  ERM Solution . From what i read Yesterday and what i saw when working with alfresco , the data Documentary Feature could help me designing my solution . But i still have my own business cases , for instance All documents created in data documentary must match to physical documents in our archives room,  and i need to monitor movement of theses physical documents like an inventory tracking system : Who hold the physical folders now ? Since When ? for how long ? How many physical Folders in the room now ?

For sure this is not taking into consideration with alfresco , but As it is a modulable tool and open source , is there any ways to adapt my business case to thoses already existing in alfresco ?
Should I create a new Feature or add-on  to achieve my goals  ?

Thank you  for your support .