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DOTCMIS problem with document versioning

Question asked by fokkewolf on May 13, 2015
Hello, I'm using Alfresco Community 4.2f with DotCMIS
My problem is as follows: When creating a version of a document, the content of which has previously been updated without versioning, all changes made without versioning are lost.

For example, if I have a document version 1.1 an unsigned PDF document, then upload a signed PDF instead by calling SetContentStream() method, then upload anything as version 1.2, version 1.1 will revert to its state before SetContentStream() was called.

To reproduce this behavior:
1) Create a new document.
2) Upload a new version 1.1.
3) Update version 1.1 without creating a new version.
4) Upload a new version 1.2.

As a result, version 1.1 will revert to its state before punct 3.
The same behavior can be reproduced using opencmis workbench.

Is this a known issue? Is it forbidden to use versioning and SetContentStream() together?