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Welcome documentation - any precisation

Question asked by borzoi on May 14, 2015
As a new user, I received in my e-mail welcome documentation including "Alfresco Web Quick Start User Help" and "Records Management QuickStart".
Useful, but I had and try a bit to comprehend how to "use" them.
To follow "Alfresco Web Quick Start User Help", you've and create a new site, add "Web Quick Start" dashlet, and from there you can import "Finance" or "Government" data.
To follow "Records Management QuickStart", you've and create a new site of type "records management" instead of "collaboration" site, and there you can also choose if record compliance is "Standard" or "DoD 5015.2-STD". Also, for "records management" site type, an "RM Data Set Import" dashlet is available, allowing you and populate with sample DoD 5015.2-STD data.
In my modest opinion, this has to be added to documentation, or newbie Alfresco user (just as I am) could be confused, how to follow tutorials proposed.