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Organize document especially from a CMIS point of view

Question asked by leonardo.celati on May 18, 2015
Don't know if this question can have a definitive answer.

Before CMIS, I used to build folders hierarchy with an eye to speed up user search.
It is common to organize things like year->month->day->etc..
If I am not wrong, I have seen also that Alfresco use a kind of internal organization on the background, which is quite different from the one we see on Share.

Nowadays, with all ECM giving the abilities to use search facilities, especially with a standard like CMIS, I can built "virtual" folders (i.e. Collections in WCMQS), overridding any hierarchy.

I don't have a strong enterprise knowledge about document organizing, but it seems to me that less hierarchy can make things easier, well that doesn't necessarily means a big folder containing all, but on the opposite, an excessive folder fragmentation can lead to difficult queries (CMIS or whatever) to write.

What strategies are you using for organize the documents repository.