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Setting boolean property values in workflow

Question asked by dmeihg on May 21, 2015
Hi, folks. I've found a little problem with setting boolean property values in TypedPropertyValueGetter class in alfresco 5.0.a.
In my task after document create I had to start workflow at the same transaction. Also i need to put some properties from this document to the workflow (there was boolean properties too). So i customized TypeFormProcessor.persist method to my needs. There I've created a new org.alfresco.repo.forms.Item and org.alfresco.repo.forms.FormData entities for my workflow and then run formService.saveForm(Item, FormData) method. But my boolean properties in worklow became false, whatever they were.

The point is when you getting boolean property from node, it will be Boolean type. But in TypedPropertyValueGetter.processBooleanValue() method you will always get Boolean.FALSE value for Boolean property, whatever is was. Sounds fun, isn't it?