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Employee Skills Database

Question asked by ivallejo on May 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by davidperry
My company wants to implement an employee skills database in Alfresco Share.  Our initial thought was to use data lists - creating a new data list per skill (i.e. HTML, Java, etc.) and then using the "Contact" form to fill in the information for each employee.  This is not the best solution as it doesn't provide all of the fields that we need and there is no way to search for contents of a data list.  Does anyone have any ideas on how we can make this easier?  The types of information that needs to be filled out in a form is education, skill, software applications, skill level (basic, intermediate, expert), as well as certifications.

The end goal will be for managers to have the ability to search for the skill set that they need for a project and which employees currently have that skill.