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Alfresco SDK 2.1 released!

Question asked by oleh on May 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by castgroupteam
I'm happy to announce that we just released Alfresco SDK 2.1:

A few highlights for this release:
<strong>Improved RAD and hot reloading</strong>
We now provide goals in the alfresco-maven-plugin that can facilitate a "refresh web scripts" and "clear dependency cache". This ensures a very smooth experience (it's turned on by default) and enhances IDE integration.

<strong>Support for Solr4</strong>
The All-in-one archetype now ships with Solr4 by default.

<strong>Regression testing</strong>
This feature enables you to run the Share PO test suite (Selenium based functional tests) against your project. This means you'll be able to test and verify if your project broke some of the out of the box features of Alfresco.

We have a complete new set of docs to support developers with using the Alfresco SDK. It's really comprehensive so be sure to have a look:

The Alfresco SDK is now fully supported by Alfresco. Previously the SDK was led by the community and releases were not regular. We now have a full release procedure in place to maintain and support the SDK.

I'm writing up a blog post that describes all the new features, and on the 3rd of June we're doing Tech Talk Live about the Alfresco SDK:

The SDK archetypes are on Maven Central, so simply run:
mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=org.alfresco:

To generate a project.

If you encounter any issues, please raise them on Github ( or ask here on the forums.