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Permissions in Alfresco

Question asked by sofia on May 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by sofia

I've created two spaces in an Alfresco site : Folder A and 2 Sub-Folders B and C.
At the same time I ve defined an hierachy of groups : Group A and 2 sub Groups (B and C).
For the Folder A I have invited the group A
For the folder B -> group B
For the folder C -> group C

I made some tests:
The users of group B : can access the folder B and A , and can't access folder C.
But for the users of the group A, they can't access any of the folders B and C . Even if group A contains the group B and C.

How can I give the users of the group A , the permissions to access both of folders B and C ?? And at the same time keeping the fact that the users of group B shouldn't access folder C and vice-versa.


I m using Alfresco 5.0