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Lag when searching alfresco share

Question asked by simonsimonson on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by mike38

We are developing a team calendar using alfresco share as the backend. There is a significant lag (up to 10 seconds) when creating/updating/deleting events. What the application does is post events to the share, then submits a query to get the updated list of events and updates the front end components with the new list. I use CMIS workbench to check if the content is already in the repository immediately after creation/change (which it is), but it takes some time for the query to fetch the new result set. From my investigations up to this point, I found that search indexing might be lagging. The alfresco.lag parameter is set at 1000 milliseconds, which seems to be fine. We tried tried this on a completely new instance of alfresco, the problem still persists. Any ideas where to look next?