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Move doc to a specific UserHome

Question asked by jlabuelo on May 26, 2015
Hi there

We would like to create a workflow in Alfresco Share 5.0 which is being lauched from the userhome space of the user. The document gets uploaded there by webscript and then the user must start the workflow.

Workflow moves the document by different spaces where other user have access to it, however as a final step, if the document gets rejected in a "approve/reject" task should be moved to a space called "Rejected" inside the UserHome of the user that launched the workflow.

To to this, at the beginning of the workflow we store the path of the space in

var node = userhome.childbynamepath("Rejected");

My question here would be, if the last step is performed by a different user, USER2, would it be possible for the workflow to move the document to USER1/userhome/rejected directly.

Will I have to assign group rights to USER1/userhome/rejected using javascript first before launching this last script??

What do you think?

Thanks a lot!