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Customising the standard Alfresco features

Question asked by saikrishnatavva on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by saikrishnatavva
I have a few questions regarding the Alfresco . It will be help if any one answer to these:
1.I didnt understand the term "Tier" . Alfresco using Repo & share tier. what are those? how these tiers will help ful
2.I saw the alfresco is using the tomcat as app server but no where i didnt found any details about database. By using Alfresco do I need to maintain my site in Alfresco app server ? can't i use any other server & database
3.can we call the alfresco standard features. I mean customisation of the standard alfresco features
4. Can i create/edit/delete a document automatically (programatically ) in to the alfresco ?

It would be very helpful if any one answers to my question.
Thank you very much