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i want to build best  website using Alfresco

Question asked by sharez on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by mrogers
i am not familiar with alfresco however i want to build my website with alfresco i had bad experience with other content management systems

please assist me with below questions before i can start building my website.

1. is alfresco user friendly when you compare to other cms? eg dotnte nuke,joomla, drupal,wordpress,magnolia,LogicalDoc,Asbru,and walrus etc
2. does alfresco sites hangs sometimes which causes website to be unavailable?
3. how secured is alfresco enviroment?
4. what is the server specification to be used to build a more than 5000 website pages with more than 50000 files to be loaded on that website.?
5. does alfresco require a licence to build a professional website for organisation.?
6. if not where/how do i get support if i'm experiencing technical challenges with my website other than forums.
7. what are the disadvantages and advantages of using alfresco ?
hope you will be able to assist with the above mentioned questions.