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Changes not reflected Maven SDK 2.1

Question asked by g_rathod on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by g_rathod
Hi Friends,

I am migrating from alfresco 4.2.4 to 5 , I am using now latest SDK 2.1.
Since long I am facing one issue related to maven or alfresco sdk,
I have configured "All in one" project Archetype with alfresco . Where my main parent project having "run" target, which will install and create my AMP for repo and share.
Now problem I am facing with share project.

My changes are like :

                                         —- workflows
                                                 —– custom-workflow.js

Now when I change both original and min file, then running "run" target, it will do and generate my AMP files as expected, but it will not reflected to my exploded WAR. I am also not able to find target "AMP TO WAR".

Any folder structure change in SDK 2.1 ?   or Do we need to configure this target manually?  Or  All in one project do not support this?

My End target is deployment successful with changed files at exploded war.As I am not using separate alfresco but built in with "All in one" target.
Any pointers links to have this target manually which is working!

H E L P.