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Do i need alfresco-opencmis-extension?

Question asked by sepgs2004 on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by mrogers
I have Alfresco 5.0.c community edition installed. I explored the repository using the share ui for a while.

Our J2EE application has open cmis (version 0.12 - later than version 0.9.0, which has complete support for CMIS 1.1) libraries.  So far, we have used simple code, from online, to get the first repository and upload a document.

I used Jeff Pott's tutorial (<url></url>) on creating our own custom model and deploying it in repo and share as AMPs. Thanks to Jeff.

Question 1:
Now, I created a (alfresco) site for our application. Inside the site, we would like to have several folders (about 10) or we can have one root folder with these several folders underneath it. Each of these several folders correspond to the context/category in which we index/manage the documents.

So far, I have not seen any code samples to access the folders of a site. Do we have any sample code for this?

Question 2:
Also, I have created a custom type and associated an aspect (with 10 custom properties) to it.
I see on this site (from Jeff's notes) - <url></url> - showing some sample code to access aspects.

I also see Alfresco One API mentioned here and there.

Could anyone guide me on this? That is, in order to manage documents of my custom type with aspects, which API I need?

Our versions:
We will be going on with Alfresco 5.0 series as of now. We do not care about JDK version, as we are upgrading our application anyways. Right now we are in JDK 1.7 & JBoss 7.

Since I am new to Alfresco/Spring/Maven/CMIS, which I am learning as I am integrating with Alfresco, I have a hard time identifying the right document and so etc that I need.

Any tips will help me to save lots of time.