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Software VS Equipment Compatibility

Question asked by augustodelucena on May 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by telesforos
Hi, Folks.

I want to use the Alfresco Community version as my personal document repository by scanning pretty much every doc that I have and becoming paperless. Alfresco may be too powerful for my needs and I am thinking about some improvements in the future though. I am thinking about ordering the Fujitsu Scansnap XI500 which I think has a reasonable price for what it offers and will meet my current needs. However, I read on the manufacturer website that their scanner does not  support TWAIN or ISIS drivers although it has a Scan button on the equipment and a Scan Manager pop-up menu on OS system tray.

I haven't installed the Alfresco software yet, therefore I don't have any clue on how it works nor how it complies with hardware, I just need to know whether the hardware I have in mind to buy will work with Alfresco or not.

Appreciate any help. Regards.