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Share vs explorer

Question asked by saikrishnatavva on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by saikrishnatavva
I saw two more terms which I got a little confusion.
Those are:
1.alfresco share
2. alfresco explorer.
As per my knowledge, I came to know that share & explorer both are different UI. we can't implement the custom behaviour to the explorer. we have to implement a share (UI) for our custom behaviour. Am I right ?

>if the above point is true . How can i make my documents to be view in the explorer.
> As per my knowledge in CMIS, I can't create a document & view it those in the explorer. By using the CMIS we have to build a separate "share" archetype, write our custom behaviour in it by using JAVA & the documents which i create is only viewable in the share not in the explorer.
>In order to understand full functionality of alfresco, I am referring the document which is in the below url to implement the custom behaviour.
But I am getting Errors while installing. I have posted detailed about my error as a separate topic in this url: can you help me to find the error.
> can i set permissions at file level(some users shouldnt allowed to view the file). If possible can i set this permission level programatically.
> Does Alfresco Allows to store huge files like BLOB, filetyope, extentions etc…