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Association control - access denied

Question asked by pylady on Jun 2, 2015

I'm using Alfresco Share 4.2c and association.ftl to display associations and to allow objects in the repository to be picked. I run into problem to display metadata for user who doesn't have permission to see associated object.
I got an error:

Template processing error: "get(properties) failed on instance of org.alfresco.repo.template.TemplateNode"

get(properties) failed on instance of org.alfresco.repo.template.TemplateNode
The problematic instruction:
==> ${!""} escaped ${jsonUtils.encodeJSONString(!"")} [on line 36, column 42 in org/alfresco/repository/forms/pickerresults.lib.ftl]
in user-directive pickerResultsLib.pickerResultsJSON [on line 2, column 1 in org/alfresco/repository/forms/]

and AccessDeniedException.
Any help or advice for this problem is appreciated.
I would like to have a label on document details page with text "Access denied".
Maybe I have to create my custom association.ftl?