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Explain sdk maven 2.x

Question asked by g_rathod on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by g_rathod
Hi Friends,

As I am new to alfresco maven sdk, I got some links to get started.
I found 3 archtypes
1) repo-amp
2) share-amp
3) all-in-one

I can create structure via one of the above option. I mostly use all-in-one, as it includes solr, alfresco and ready to start.

Following are my queries :

1) where actually alfresco is when we run via all-in-one? (where alfresco extracts) path?
2) I want some minor change do I need to fire which command?   mvn install? 
3) With all-in-one and using mvn install (using sdk 2.1) I am able to generate amp but my changes are not reflected inside WAR.
4) If I want to make changes in repo side, from where I could get source? and how to use it out of box file? like wise we do have previously sdk zip contain source code, what about this in maven?

5) If I use separate repo or share project how do I configure alfresco or Solr to it ? Any documentation?

Somebody feels silly questions but it should be IMP for me :)