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Is the company crippling the open source version on purpose?

Question asked by oktay on Jun 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2015 by oktay
I have been trying to install and configure 5.0d community from the zip files on a linux server for many hours now. That package has errors that will prevent it from running without various changes. Is no QC work done on the community packages? How about documentation? Wiki pages have a notice on top that claims that the contents are obsolete and refer people to but this documentation is a joke. It does brain dead things like giving contents that should go into configuration files without telling you what that configuration file is called or where it's supposed to go. Many config samples that used to be present are not in the package. Some are nowhere to be found now. This software used to come with ldap examples, versioning configuration examples etc. WHere are those files now? Another problem with the zip package is that it's missing various directories. The install instructions do not even mention that you have to move the files in that package to where you put the repository. It only refers to moving the war files. The instructions say you have to run a script to configure the solr keystore without explaining why or how. The script that is included to actually perform this task is so wildly misconfigured that I had to run it at least 20 times, fixing something at each step. I still have no idea why I was supposed to run it or why solr still doesn't work. This has really been frustrating. Perhaps I should have run the binary installer but a system can only have so many separate instances of tomcat. By the way, simple things like clicking a cross (x) to remove a dashlet (assistance panel) break the application. This has been very very disappointing so far. I have installed and configured (though never really used) many previous versions of Alfresco over the years but have never encountered such an unfinished product along with documentation that is grossly incomplete. WHat is going on?