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Problem with Edit Offline

Question asked by danyfortier on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by adanecki
I am unable to use Edit offline because i always got a 500 error from the browser.

I have ssl enabled and is working fine except for that part.

Here is a little part my Share-custom-config.xml of what i think the problem is located

            <name>Alfresco - user access</name>
            <description>Access to Alfresco Repository WebScripts that require user authentication</description>

If i change the line <endpoint-url>http://localhost:80/alfresco/wcs</endpoint-url> for <endpoint-url>https://localhost:443/alfresco/wcs</endpoint-url>

i got these errors on my logs :

2015-06-08 20:45:52,221  INFO  [webscripts.connector.RemoteClient] [http-bio-443-exec-1] Exception calling (GET) https://localhost:443/alfresco/wcs/api/admin/restrictions?guest=true
2015-06-08 20:45:52,221  INFO  [webscripts.connector.RemoteClient] [http-bio-443-exec-1] Error status 500 No X509TrustManager implementation available No X509TrustManager implementation available

If i let my share-custom-config.xml with this http://localhost:80/alfresco/wcs</endpoint-url>


then i got these errors in logs:

2015-06-08 21:23:59,362  INFO  [webscripts.connector.RemoteClient] [http-bio-443-exec-14] Exception calling (GET) http://localhost:80/alfresco/wcs/api/node/workspace/SpacesStore/cb12f6df-8f27-43fa-9d79-762eaf8684e7/content/thumbnails/pdf?c=force&lastModified=pdf%3A1432146683339
2015-06-08 21:23:59,362  INFO  [webscripts.connector.RemoteClient] [http-bio-443-exec-14] Error status 500 Connection reset by peer: socket write error
org.apache.catalina.connector.ClientAbortException: Connection reset by peer: socket write error

What can i do to solve that ?