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Is Bulk Approve Possible through Java API.

Question asked by satheeshkumar on Jun 9, 2015
Hi All,

I have created custom workflows in alfresco 5.0.c.
Each workflow creates one task and assigns it to a Group. Any one person from that group, if he logins and go to My-Tasks, he will see hundreds of tasks under him. Approving or Rejecting one by one will be a time consuming task.

All the user interested is to see the workflow title, by seeing the title he will be able to decide whether to approve/reject it.
I want to create a functionality in such a way that, there should be a page where I will show the user with his tasks(along with workflow title and workflow creation date) listed as rows along with some "Select" button, the user should be able to select/un-select multiple tasks and should be able to do Bulk Approve/Bulk Reject.

Can someone guide me how can I achieve this. Or is this really possible?