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Adding new properties

Question asked by cupps101 on Jun 10, 2015
Hi I am using the maven SDK and alfresco community 5.0d. I have created my sdk using Eclipse STS and installed the all-in-one alfresco maven archetype. Now I have my project setup., I have a simple requirement. I had followed the instructions by creating the Model,Aspects and Share but did not see any changes after I did a maven Install and run

1.) Add a custom or new property/metadata (Sort Order, Version, Last Modified) to a pdf document when i click edit properties.
2.) Expose a REST/CMIS service getDocumentByTitle which will return file:document,  String:Title, SortOrder, Version, LastModified

As for 2) there will be a seperate java application that will make a REST/CMIS call to return the file object and some string values such as the title, SortOrder, Version and LastModified.

Please help for I am new to alsfresco I just recently 2 days ago downloaded and install the maven SDK. I like the idea of using the SDK with springloader so I dont need to restart the alfresco..