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Alfresco Share TinyMCE Customization?

Question asked by muramasa on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2015 by nunocardoso
So I'm running Alfresco share 5.0.d on CentOS 6.6. I'm just getting started with Alfresco share to organize my personal documents. I typically store most of my documents in a HTML file with images inline (Base64 URI is what this is called I believe) Unfortunately though after uploading these into Share and trying to edit them I find that the images disappear. Upon further research this seems to be an issue (feature?) with TinyMCE. Upon further research I found an option in TinyMCE called "paste_data_images" ( The thing I've been struggling with is finding where to put this option so it can be turned on in Share. It seems like this should go in /opt/alfresco-5.0.d/tomcat/webapps/share/modules/editors/tiny_mce.js . After looking through the file I tried adding "config.paste_data_images = true;" and restarting alfresco it didn't seem to change anything.

So I guess my questions are..

1) Am I editing the right file? it seems like (/opt/alfresco-5.0.d/tomcat/webapps/share/modules/editors/tiny_mce.js) should be the file that controls how Share calls TinyMCE. I'm definitely not a coder so if I missed something obvious any help is appreciated.

2)How do I modify this file so I can add images inline in my html documents? It seems like I'm headed the right direction but am definitely missing something.

3)If It isn't possible to add images inline in the TinyMCE and not have it strip existing images out. Is it possible for me to disable the Inline Editor system wide? That way I can avoid someone inadvertently removing all the images from a document.

I appreciate any assistance and will update this post if I find anything on my own. Thanks