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Expression classdefs is undefined

Question asked by ddelapasse on Jun 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by ddelapasse
I'm trying to copy classes.get.json.ftl (text below) into my amp, but I've never seen ftl before and am struggling.  The code is failing with: <strong>Expression classdefs is undefined on line 3, column 8</strong>

I've renamed the imported file, but haven't changed the content yet, so it should work as the default application.  I don't understand where classdefs is supposed to come from. Is it something that depends on being run in the main webscripts tree?  Is there anyway to reference it from a script in the amp's location?


<#import "csss_classdetails.lib.ftl" as classdetailsDefLib/>
<#list classdefs as classdef>
<@classdetailsDefLib.classDefJSON classdef=classdef key=classdef_index/><#if classdef_has_next>,</#if>