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Zip files do not get unzipped

Question asked by adoshea on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by borisstankov
Hi All,

I am having problems drag&drop a zip file (which contains folders and files) into a share/site/documentlibrary.  I can drag the zip file into the location, it get copied to the folder but does not unzip.  I have looked for information regarding the problem on the forum but don’t seem to be any that help me to resolve this issue.  I have seen reference relating to import of content and I was wondering if this would help but I am unable locate this option.

Thank you for your help.


2015-06-15 10:42:01,615 WARN  [org.alfresco.repo.content.metadata.AbstractMappingMetadataExtracter] [http-apr-8080-exec-3] Metadata extraction failed (turn on DEBUG for full error):
   Extracter: org.alfresco.repo.content.metadata.TikaAutoMetadataExtracter@7b9c4afa
   Content:   ContentAccessor[ contentUrl=store://2015/6/15/10/41/d2983c55-6c11-486e-9804-b9448ce1cd50.bin, mimetype=application/zip, size=1567878571, encoding=UTF-8, locale=en_US]
   Failure:   nullnull
2015-06-15 10:42:16,731 INFO  [] [http-bio-8443-exec-6] Starting 'Transformers' subsystem, ID: [Transformers, default]
2015-06-15 10:42:17,304 INFO  [] [http-bio-8443-exec-6] Startup of 'Transformers' subsystem, ID: [Transformers, default] complete