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Can we approve a task through Java API?

Question asked by satheeshkumar on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by satheeshkumar
Hi All,

I have a requirement, like one of the user task, say approve/reject task needs to be done automatically thorough Java API.
I have written a code as shown below, to retrieve the list of tasks for a particular user and tried to approve programatically.

List<WorkflowTask> workflowTaskList =  workflowService.getPooledTasks(serviceRegistry.getAuthenticationService().getCurrentUserName());
      for(WorkflowTask wfTask : workflowTaskList){
         try {
            Map<QName, Serializable> wfProps = new HashMap<>();
            //Approving the content
            wfProps.put(HCCustomModel.QNAME_HC_REVIEW_OUTCOME, HCCustomModel.REVIEW_APPROVE); //Adding "Approve" workflow property
            workflowService.updateTask(wfTask.getId(), wfProps, null, null);
            wfProps = wfTask.getProperties();
            for(QName key : wfProps.keySet()){
     "Key : "+key+" , Value : "+wfProps.get(key));
            workflowService.endTask(wfTask.getId(), null);
         } catch (AlfrescoRuntimeException e) {
            logger.error("An error occured while processing the task:"+wfTask.getId(), e);            

But when I execute, the task always gets rejected(as "Reject" is the default action for the task), even though I update the task with "Approve" workflow property.
Can any one point me out what I am doing wrong here.
Or, the approval can't be done through Java API?

Any guidance/suggestions would be greatly helpful to me.

Thanks and Regards,
Satheesh D