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Library inclusion during runtime

Question asked by mustachetomi on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by mustachetomi

I have the following situation: I am currently working with the alfresco version 5.0.a and wrote a class for the repo-amp. It uses a library that is loaded from a external maven repository and available as a normal jar file. This library enables me to connect with a image database that is on a separate server and needs an authentication API that is located in this library JAR. When I start the compilation (I use the all-in-one project), it goes through without a problem, but i made a test printout and this failed with the reason that the authentication (which is the first thing that needs to happen during the run of my class) failed because the authentication class is not available. This brought me to the conclusion, that currently the jar is loaded during the compilation (which needs to happen, or it would not load at all) but is not available during run-time.

Currently the library is added in the repo-amp POM and loaded into my local repository. I need help to include it in the run-time and access it.

Thank you for the help :)