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Question about a new tree structure with spaces/folders in Alfresco

Question asked by spilby on Jun 29, 2015
I want to create a big tree of folders with millions of documents on Alfresco. I have Alfresco 4.0 version.

I have a basic but important question about design to begin the work efficiently.

I have a new Repository, with Data Dictionary, Guest Home and User Homes directories created, ok?

My idea is to create a MY_REPO folder in "User Homes", with a config directory with the model.xml, and with a "ROOT" directory with the data. From this "ROOT" directory will begin to insert all the new folders and documents (with java backed webscripts).

Is correct to work with this structure inside "User Homes"? Is the same Folder and Space? Something tell me that it's wrong because I may use Spaces, not directories, but I don't understand it. Is not the same? What recommendations would you give me to create a optimal structure tree and to find faster the documents inside with an apropiate indexes?

Thank you!

Best regards