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How to get tags associated with alfresco content in Drupal?

Question asked by shambhavi on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2015 by sujaypillai
I have created a sync with alfresco content using following configuration:
$conf['cmis_repositories'] = array(
'default' => array(
'user' => 'admin',
'password' => 'admin@123',
'url' => 'http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/cmis'

$conf['cmis_sync_map'] = array(
'page' => array(
'enabled' => TRUE,
'cmis_sync_cron_enabled' => TRUE,
'cmis_repositoryId' => 'default',
'cmis_folderPath' => '/Sites/demo/documentLibrary',
'subfolders' => TRUE,
'full_sync_next_cron' => TRUE,
'content_field' => 'body',
'fields' =>array('title'=> 'cmis:name')

I am not getting how can we get tag content associated with Alfresco in DRupal?
I tried to print the entire $cmis_object as well but do not get any tags related info..
Anybody has idea how to get it?