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SOLR4 & SSO bug?

Question asked by 102020 on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2015 by 102020
Okay fellas, I have a strange one, that for once, i haven't figured out yet.

Basically we have LDAP and SSO setup, working (nearly) perfectly with 5.0.d, I have however noticed a weird glitch, only when SSO is enabled.

Basically, login to your /share site, type in a keyword quickly and hit enter. You will get a user login prompt. Fun right?

Now, go back to dashboard, type in a keyword, wait a second for the auto complete/results popup to show up, and then hit enter, it works fine.

It's like the SSO doesn't get initiated immediately? How do we resolve this, because users are so used to typing stuff in and hitting enter. I've told everyone for now to wait 1-2 seconds for the results popup to show up, but that's just a band aid.

If you don't use SSO, works perfectly fine hitting enter right away.