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Alfresco User Profile Sync with xternal application

Question asked by sabinay on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2015 by steven.okennedy

We have one authentication subsystem outside of alfresco and once user is validated through that we system they are redirected to alfresco and we create the user in alfresco.
Our requirement is if user edit his profile like first name,last name, job profile etc then it has to be updated in alfresco as well as in the out side authentication sub system as well.
The outside authentication subsystem provides the web service for updating the profile,could you please let us know the best approach to achieve this.

I tried to call the web service from the js file like below but the connection is not established.
1) Create a endpoint in share config custom file:
     <endpoint-url>my end point url</endpoint-url>
2) In the js file tried to call the webscrvice
    var connector = remote.connect("my-endpoint");
    var result1 = connector.put("/api/url/",jsonUtils.toJSONString(paramsUpdate),
Let us know the best approach to achieve this.