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Split a custom model file in Alfresco

Question asked by reynanuy on Jun 30, 2015
Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows how to split a custom model file, let's call it custom.xml in this case, into several files that define the same model. The thing is that our model has been growing a lot and the maintenance of the file has become quite difficult, with custom content types that have dozens of fields.

Furthermore we don't think it is wort to create one model per each content type or something like, since they all belong to the same institution. We already did it in Alfresco Share, by spiting the share-config-custom.xml into several files, with one or two type definitions per file. We are looking for something similar for the content model file.

If there is no other way but to create several content models, would we loose the metadata already registered there, if we moved the content types to an entirely different model? Do we have to keep the model as is and create new content types in new content models?

Thanks in advance for whatever assistance you can provide on this.