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wcs/api/people with ?groups=true READ TIMEOUT

Question asked by bopolissimus on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by kgastaldo
Hi All,

I have an alfresco 5.0.d instance which is configured for external auth.  /share and alfresco both have external auth against CAS (using a specific Header) configured.  I am able to login to /share using the header that apache (using mod_auth_cas) passes on to /share after the CAS redirect.  Users are synced into alfresco from LDAP.

So authentication is good.  but getting the initial /share dashboard takes more than 2 minutes.  Once past the initial /share page regular operations are fine.

I've tracked down this slowness to a read timeout when /alfresco takes forever to reply to:[username]?groups=true

where [username] is a valid user in CAS.

When I login, that request goes by, and when it finally times out the dashboard appears.

When I curl that URL (with -H "[CAS-Header]:[username]" but without the ?groups=true (either no groups parameter at all, or with ?groups=false or even with ?groups=TRUE or ?groups=1, etc) then curl returns immediately with json information about the given user.

When I curl with ?groups=true it looks like I don't get any reply at all (I'll leave curl running overnight, see if it times out).  In a browser it fails with a read timeout and an exception in catalina.out.

Has anyone seen this or have a clue what bits of configuration are relevant?  What is special about groups=true?

Gerald Quimpo