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Migration from existing platform to Alfresco Community Edition

Question asked by eugcheng on Jul 2, 2015
Currently we are using Documentum as our Web Content Management System (WCMS) with some of the tailored-made functions. As the expiration of support, we have to carry out a feasibilty study to check for the possibility of migrating to other open source CMS.

Hosted Web Site:
~50 Sites

Functions involved:
1. Upload of self-developed websites. (Files including: html, htm, css, js, jpg, png etc)

2. Workflow for controlling the publish of uploaded files to staging and production websites
(i.e. Upload files (Status: WIP [Work in progress]) -> Start Approval Workflow (Status: Staging. Uploaded staging server for preview) -> Approved by reviewer (Status: Approve & Active. Publish to production server for browsing by public users)

So, there would be no direct linkage between the CMS and Web Server. The role of CMS would be storing the SELF-DEVELOPED web site and start the workflow for publishing to Staging and Production Web Server under different stages.

I have been looking for many different forums for solution. It seems that only the website created by Alfresco Web Quick Start could be put on the workflow for further publishing. Could any forum members and professional give me some hints if my existing functions could be done with Alfresco?

**SELF-DEVELOPED Web Site are html + js + css + jpg and could be put directly onto the Web Server, unlike those xsl + xml rendered html.