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Recent Activities Email Frequency

Question asked by cbutters on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by borisstankov
Hello, I am running a fresh copy of Alfresco 5.0.d (Community Edition) on ubuntu server with no modifications.

I would like to increase the frequency of the recent activities email to every 60 minutes.
I have read through a lot of documentation, but can't seem to find an exact answer on how to do this.

So far I have tried adding the following to my file:


These lines did not exist by default in the file, but they do not seem to have any affect on the behavior (yes I restarted the server after making these changes)

emails still are only being sent out at midnight, and not a second before.

Is there maybe some sort of cron job that needs to be adjusted or a different configuration file?