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CMIS Association Query

Question asked by albertogarcía on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by sandeepreddy

I have searched the way of making simple joins with CMIS in Alfresco, but can't find the way to write what I want.

I have a custom model with an association like this

<association name="acta:ordenDia">
   <title>Orden del dia</title>

When I get the node, i can normally access to the assocition, get the documents… but now I want to make a query like:

select * from acta:acta a join cm:content c on a.acta:ordenDia = c.cmis:objectID where (some conditions from both parts)

I can't get the way to do the query.

¿Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help