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Unable to browse Alfresco Share - getting stuck on the same page

Question asked by bengrah on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by bengrah
Hi there, we're using Community edition 5.0.c which has a strange recurring quirk; using Internet Explorer 9 with (NTLM) SSO I can log in to Share without any issue on first browse. I'm on my User Dashboard - at this point, if I click on a link to get to a Site, 9 times out of a 10 clicking on the link does not take me to the intended site dashboard; the page loads and when it finishes, it just brings me back to my User Dashboard.

This is very similar to an issue that was posted a while ago:

To test it, I've tried turning SSO off (believing that may be part of the issue as per the responses in the aformentioned topic), but when I do this instead of just being <em>brought back</em> to the User Dashboard I get logged out constantly.

There's also nothing useful that gets printed to the logs so any steer I can get here would be helpful.

Finally (and it probably goes without saying), I don't get the issue when using Chrome. However, as this is used within the business where IE9 is the default explorer, we have to use this browser - and it shouldn't really matter what browser we use any way.