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Need Debugging Ideas

Question asked by ddelapasse on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by ddelapasse
My deletes are failing and the log file shows: - - [07/Jul/2015:16:14:43 -0400] "DELETE /alfresco/s/slingshot/doclib/action/file/node/workspace/SpacesStore/c7aafa4c-3a1a-405f-9f8b-6b2857df4b75?alf_ticket=TICKET_1942d924dc0c29f602f61bec2865c8ccff6260b6 HTTP/1.1" 403 - - - [07/Jul/2015:16:14:43 -0400] "DELETE /share/proxy/alfresco/slingshot/doclib/action/file/node/workspace/SpacesStore/c7aafa4c-3a1a-405f-9f8b-6b2857df4b75 HTTP/1.0" 403

Can someone tell me how I can debug inside of the /alfresco/s/slingshot/doclib/action/file/node/ code?  I can't find it either in the java or in the javascript.