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Categories vs types vs aspects

Question asked by spilby on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by spilby
I'm using Alfresco 4.1.6 and Solr 1.4.

I'm reading about the possibility of using classifications for the nodes, specified with a type d:category in an aspect on the content model.

A good time of searchs in our project are the most important, is the reason I try to design the best option possible for this. Our repository have over 2 millions of documents, spread over directories, where each user (we have 3000 users aprox) have an own root path.

For the queries (FTS_ALFRESCO), we actually use TYPE (we have 5 distinct types of nodes defined on our model) and custom properties (all of them that we use in the queries are indexed).

Imagine I change my model and use one of our indexed properties like a category. I delete a property and create an aspect with d:category with this property. My question is…

The search will be more efficient and quickly if I search by TYPE, properties and category? Or really is the same than using type and properties? In other words, Alfresco gives me a best performance if I search this value like a category instead of when I search this value like a normal indexed property?  Whats the benefits of use this like a category?