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Calling SOLR search to retrieve documents in Alfresco and passing information back

Question asked by itzamna on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by itzamna
Hi community,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post my question, because other sub-forum also matches… please move if necessary.
Let me tell you in a few points the requirement of a customer, to understand what is needed and whether there are already somewhere solutions or approaches available:
There is an external on-premise system on customer side. Records that are stored in this system needs to be enriched with some information from an Alfresco document.
The requested use-case from the customer is:
1) The user clicks on a menu command within the record in the legacy system (not web-based)
2) Alfresco pops up with a simple search window, where some basic search criteria can be entered
3) The user get a result list and is able select a desired document
4) A button "Submit" has to be be available for the result list
5) After clicking "Submit", any webscript on the on-premise system should be invoked to receive some properties of the document

I'm looking for a best way to solve this requirement. We dont want to have the full Share overhead available, just a search page should appear, no additional menus. As simple as possible. The login should (or can) be done by a special user that is only created for this use case (the enduser should not login manually, SSO is not an option). Are there any resources available that I can use as basis? Or do I have to develop it completely by my own? Maybe it can be solved by just using SOLR?
What could be an approach? I also want to take into account, that I want to use most of Alfresco standard functionality (if possible).

Thanks for sharing any ideas.