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Customizing 4.2.f with AMP

Question asked by bdmc on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by bdmc
I have been trying to build an AMP file, using Maven and the 4.2.f SDK, with no apparent success.

Yes, when I do "maven install -Prun" I am able to access the system using "http://localhost:8080/share," but my changed logo image does not appear; I only see the default Alfresco Community logo.

I have been following "" as recommended, which is intended to customize the Login page, among other things, but none of those changes appear.

In the 4.2.f SDK AllInOne, I have tried adding the changed files shown in that article to both the "share" and "amp" sub-directories, with the same results.  I suspect that I should be doing this in the "amp" sub-directory, in any case.

Is this article intended for Alfresco 5, rather than 4, and the method for doing what I am attempting has changed?

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