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getChildren of a node with pagination

Question asked by spilby on Jul 16, 2015
I need to obtain the children of a node, but with pagination.

First I try with webservices client this:

Reference reference = new Reference(STORE, nodeRef, null);
QueryResult childQueryResult = repositoryService.queryChildren(reference);

But I don't find a query method to paginate the results

Then I try using this REST call


This method paginate, but it returns an xml with cmis:properties, not a JSON.

I do the call with httpclient and read the response doing:

String response = method.getResponseBodyAsString()

But how can I read the cmis:properties? There are an object to parse it? Could you give me an example, please? I can't find an example to obtain the properties of the children.

Is this API deprecated? Maybe is better to use another without CMIS, with a JSON response, for example?

Thank you very much