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Create home folder with LDAP organization

Question asked by politrons on Jul 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by ajmas
I´m importing user from LDAP and I would like to create home folders with instead the name of the user the organization  that he has on LDAP.
So far I modify the with my provider

then I add the bean provider on ldap-authentication-contex

         <bean name="organizationHomeFolderProvider" class="">
        <property name="serviceRegistry">
           <ref bean="ServiceRegistry" />
        <property name="path">
          <value>/${spaces.company_home.childname}/HERE I WANT ADD THE ORGANIZATION FOR EVERY USER</value>
        <property name="storeUrl">
        <property name="onCreatePermissionsManager">
            <ref bean="defaultOnCreatePermissionsManager" />
        <property name="onReferencePermissionsManager">
            <ref bean="defaultOnReferencePermissionsManager" />
        <property name="homeFolderManager">
           <ref bean="homeFolderManager" />

So basically I want create a home folder with the structure /Company home/Organization of the user.  But I´m completely  lost, no documentation at all about how to achieve this.

Please any help would be great!