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Trouble binding using UID; dn: cn=... ...  use Search Bind?

Question asked by mpattongac on Jul 20, 2015
Hey, somewhat new here.

dn: cn=Tom Amy,ou=people,dc=maxt,dc=com
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
cn: Tom Amy
cn: Tom A Amy
cn: Tom Amy
sn: amy
uid: tamy
description: sys admin

In this case I can bind to OpenLDAP using CN but not using UID

I anticipate this is because simple BIND uses the dn the user was created with by default… and in this case his dn uses the cn.
A little research led me to think that using a Search Bind would fix this… but how to go about doing that is lacking some documentation or examples that I can find.

Also was thinking to change the attribute to "objectClass" instead of "distinguishedName" but figure that would take a lot more work

Much appreciation!