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Alfresco document query

Question asked by vhinzsanchez on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2015 by vhinzsanchez

I have installed an Alfresco Community last month (or 2) and was perhaps overwhelmed.  I am now revisiting Alfresco and would like to get an insight if it would be possible to link related documents together (which I assume possible upon reading –going to shelf– but would like to get confirmation) which would appear in properties.  An example would be linking a "Purchase Order document" of Company X to "Quotation," "Billing,"  "Site plan", etc. for the same company but different jobs.

Another one would be an "Alias" for document to be available in different location/workspace.  The alias would seem to be a different entity (with different ACLs). 

Pardon me because these are the very features I see in Logicaldocs which seems to be a great feature. 

Thanks in advance!