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Question asked by americanolinhares on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by americanolinhares
Good afternoon,

I am developing the following project in Alfresco. I have 3 types of documents belonging to a person: registration form, Identity and Passport Card . The metadata of each document are: Name, date of birth, Social Security Number. I'm working with the concept of dossier. All the same person documents are grouped in the same folder. After extracting the metadata and creating the dossier of each person ( with registration form, Identity and Passport Card) I want to view the extracted metadata for each document in one other document. For this I created an Excel spreadsheet with three tabs. I would like to copy the metadata into this worksheet.
I searched on the internet and not   found a way to write in a .xlsx file. Does anyone know if there is a way to update the contents of a spreadsheet that is in the Alfresco repository using a script. If not, do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you