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Objects disappearing from user view and NFS - Alfresco 2.1

Question asked by mike698 on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by mrogers
We are locked into a version of Alfresco (2.1) at the moment so I am hoping there is a fix to my problem that is not an upgrade :).  We have a portal that shows the user content in their work spaces.  We recently experienced an issue where some objects are not displaying in the user view but I know they are there by looking in the alfresco node browser.  I was able to go into the NFS side (objects not visibly present there either with an ls) but list the objects individually if I know the specific file names.  I can copy the file out via NFS to a temp location, copy it back into the Alfresco NFS share (overwriting the file) and then it displays for the users again.  We haven't made any config changes to the alfresco installation and it seems to have just started out of nowhere.  The overwrite changes the modify time and places the files in a a new content store location (time-based).  Please advise if there is any configs that could be modified.  We found a bug that was regarding this in NFS but nothing about the front end user views (  There also is no workaround listed besides it being fixed in 3.3/3.4.