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Groups over Groups synchronization

Question asked by borisstankov on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by borisstankov
Hello guys,

I have very interesting problem.

Here is the situation:
Alfresco Community 5.0.c with Active Derectory authentication located in Windows Server 2012 R2 Domain Functionality level.

All my users are synchronized from the AD to the Alfresco. They are located in this OU - ou=USERS,ou=Office,dc=domain,dc=com
But the groups that I need use according to the network admins are here in this OU: ou=Alfresco,ou=GROUPS,ou=Office,dc=domain,dc=com
Lets say that in this ou I have group called "Alfresco-Dev" and this group has as a member a generic group from different ou(ou=Originals,ou=GROUPS,ou=Inter,dc=domain,dc=com). All users are deployed in the generic group and the point is that all alfresco group (as "Alfresco-Dev") to inherit all users from the generic groups.

When I deploy the synchronization properties in the global alfresco file:

#Sync all Alfresco groups
#Sync all users

I can still see all the users and all groups that I need, but the groups are not populated with all users that should be inherited from the generic groups.

What should I do so all groups can inherit the users from their member groups?